2024 Membership Renewal Campaign Begins Now

20 Sep 2023
The American Astronomical Society takes pride in creating, nurturing, and convening our broad astronomical sciences community, and we invite you to grow with us by renewing your membership for 2024.

Sonification: Listening to Data

19 Sep 2023
In this Education Committee blog, guest author Jennifer Kotlin tells how we can make the astronomy field more accessible with sonification — the process of representing data as sound.

Impact of a Shutdown on Astronomy

19 Sep 2023
With just a few weeks left until the deadline to avert a government shutdown, John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow Yaswant Devarakonda discusses how we got here and what we can expect to happen next.

Get Your Copy of the AAS 2022 Annual Report

19 Sep 2023
The Society's annual report for calendar year 2022 is now available online. It includes a financial report and summarizes membership, meetings, publishing, and other activities.

"The Universe in the Classroom" Newsletter Archives

6 Sep 2023
Guest author Andrew Fraknoi writes about "The Universe in the Classroom," an astronomy education newsletter published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. The first 95 issues of the newsletter are now available...

Update to the AAS Code of Ethics

7 Sep 2023
The Board of Trustees has recently revised the AAS Code of Ethics to address the topic of harassment and bullying in a professional setting.