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AAS members may submit items for publication and distribution by the AAS. All content is subject to review and editing by the AAS Executive Office, which reserves the right to accept or reject content at its sole discretion.

Posts are articles for the attention of AAS members; in the past, such articles would have been submitted for the AAS Newsletter or Electronic Announcement. Members may submit four types of posts:

  1. News Items — Timely announcements and brief reports.
    Common news items: Project updates, honors received by AAS members.
    Rarely accepted items: Meeting announcements; these should be submitted as Events.
  2. Opportunities — Solicitations of proposals and applications.
    Common opportunities: Calls for observing proposals, grant proposals, and prize applications.
    Rarely accepted items: Invitations to apply for jobs or fellowships; these should be submitted as ads for the AAS Job Register.
  3. Letters — Letters to the Editor and Dear Colleague letters.
    Common letters: Responses to items previously published, comments/suggestions on AAS policy, letters from agency officials concerning public policy.
    Rarely accepted items: Anything that includes personal attacks or offensive language.
  4. Stories — Reports and articles that are not time sensitive.
    Common stories: Actually, this type of post is rare. It's meant for articles (generally lengthier ones than would be suitable for news items) that may have long-term significance for the administrative or sociological aspects of the AAS and/or modern astronomy and that should probably be archived for future generations.

Posts are published on the AAS website and — depending on author, reviewer, and member choices — may optionally be:

Step-by-Step Instructions for Posts

Impending deadlines relevant to AAS members are published in our online Calendar.

Astronomy-related meetings, conferences, workshops, and other events are published in our online Calendar. Inclusion of events on the AAS Calendar is for viewer information only and does not imply endorsement by the American Astronomical Society.

Job Postings
Ads for astronomy-related jobs and fellowships are published in the AAS Job Register; see "How to Submit a Job Ad." 

Journal Articles
Instructions for submitting scientific research articles to the Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), ApJ Letters, ApJ Supplement Series, or Astronomical Journal (AJ) may be found on the journals' websites and in our Publishing section.

Death notices should be emailed to Crystal Tinch.