18 August 2022

Solar and Space Physics (Heliophysics) Decadal Survey Update and Call for White Papers

Julie Davis

Julie Davis American Physical Society (AAS)

**Updated 8/18/22**

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine are pleased to announce that the third decadal survey in solar and space physics (heliophysics) is underway. The President of the National Academy of Sciences has appointed Dr. Stephen A. Fuselier and Dr. Robyn M. Millan to serve as co-chairs of the steering committee. The survey will be managed by a steering committee that will be supported by several study panels and possibly additional cross-disciplinary working groups. 

The survey is calling for white papers to inform the work of the steering committee and panels. White papers may focus on one or more science goals; notional instruments, missions, or ground-based investigations; or issues of broad concern to the community. The due date for white papers is 24 August 2022. The decadal survey’s statement of task, details of the call for white papers, biographical information for the co-chairs, and FAQs are on the survey’s webpage.

From the Academies:

"Reading the white paper specifications and looking through the submission form before finalizing your paper is highly recommended. Additionally, we will be working with the American Astronomical Society to publish white papers in the Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society (BAAS, baas.aas.org). If you do not wish to have your white paper published in the BAAS, you may opt-out before submitting it. Your white paper will still be available via the SSPH website. For more information on how early-career community members can get involved, materials and recordings from two early-career webinars held in 2021 are available at https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/decadal-survey-for-solar-and-space-physics-early-career-webinars."