19 August 2022

I'm a Member, Now What?! — Webinar Series for ORCID Members

ORCID webinar image

The ORCID Member Portal is a suite of tools that helps member organizations get more from their ORCID membership. In this session, you’ll learn about account management and the tools available in the member portal. We’ll also provide an extensive walkthrough of reports, demonstrating the different functions and sharing best practices.

Next session: 9:00 am ET, Thursday, 29 September

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I’m a Member, Now What?! is a member-focused webinar series that aims to help ORCID members, both new and longstanding, get the most out of membership. Topics covered in this series include Help & Support, Member Portal, ORCID Certified Systems, Custom Integrations, Benefits, Workflows, Affiliations, and Communication.

The AAS is a long-time organizational member of ORCID and promotes the use of these unique identifiers for the disambiguation of author names in our research journal peer review systems. Having an ORCID also facilitates name changes.