25 August 2022

Call for Letters of Intent for 2024 IAU Scientific Meetings

Diana Worrall IAU Assistant General Secretary

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The Internal Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly (GA) will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, 5-16 August 2024. These meetings will comprise six GA Symposia, twelve GA Focus Meetings, and three Symposia to be held outside of the GA. Letters of Intent (LoI) for the scientific meetings are due by 15 September. 

You are encouraged to establish communication with the Steering Committee of your proposed Coordinating Division to take advantage of early constructive feedback. Please read carefully the Rules & Guidelines for IAU Scientific Meetings before preparing the LoI.

In 2024 we anticipate that one of the non-GA Symposia will be accepted as a Kavli-IAU Symposium on Interdisciplinary Science. A Kavli-IAU Symposium will bring together scientists from different disciplines to enable cross-collaboration and communication. Besides the usual support in travel grants (up to €20,000), additional financial support (up to €15,000) is offered to enrich a Kavli-IAU Symposium by funding scientists from such disciplines as would not normally participate in an IAU Symposium. In particular, the extra funds can be used for invited speakers —  something not normally allowed under IAU rules for use of the financial support for a regular IAU symposium.

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