19 July 2022

NASA Selects New Astrophysics Division Director

Paul Hertz NASA


Dr. Mark Clampin has been selected to permanently fill the critical position of Astrophysics Division Director in the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD). Mark will join SMD on 15 August. Mark succeeds Dr. Paul Hertz, who has served as the Astrophysics Division Director for over 10 years. Paul’s efforts to SMD and the scientific community have brought significant strides that will live on long after his tenure. Paul will continue in the SMD Front Office as a Senior Advisor.

Mark has more than 25 years of scientific, technical, management, and programmatic experience, including service in management and leadership roles. He has worked at the directorate, division, and branch levels at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), gaining valuable experience in the areas of operations, scientific research, and development. Currently, Mark serves as the Director of the Science and Exploration Directorate at GSFC; in that role, he leads one of NASA's largest science organizations spanning SMD’s science disciplines.

Mark is a seasoned leader who sets scientific priorities for the GSFC Science and Exploration Directorate, which informs the deployment of key resources such as research and strategic investments, labor, technical equipment, and facilities. Prior assignments include Director of the Astrophysics Division at GSFC and Deputy Director within the GSFC Science and Exploration Directorate. In recognition of his outstanding leadership and career achievements, Mark was recently recognized with a Presidential Rank Award. Prior to joining NASA, Mark began his career with the European Space Agency, Johns Hopkins University, and Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).