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Classes of Membership and Affiliation

Application for admission to the AAS no longer requires nomination by two Full Members of the American Astronomical Society. Learn more about the Society's membership class changes in 2018.

Full Member

Any person deemed capable of preparing an acceptable scientific paper on some subject of astronomy or related branch of science is eligible to become a Full Member; however, the mechanism for compliance with this definition is more inclusive of the activities which advance the astronomical sciences. Applicants must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  1. Possessing a graduate degree in astronomy or a related science;
  2. Receiving the nomination of a current Full Member in good standing; or
  3. Placing a refereed publication in a recognized international journal that advances the astronomical sciences, such as the Astronomical Journal, Astrophysical Journal, Icarus, IEEE Sensors Journal, etc.

Full Member Benefits
Full Member Application Form
2020 dues = $197

Graduate Student Member

Graduate Student Members are those who are either considering or pursuing an advanced degree in astronomy or a related science at the graduate school level. The AAS also welcomes those in postbaccalaureate programs to join this membership class.

Graduate Student Member Benefits
Graduate Student Member Application Form
2020 dues = $69

Undergraduate Student Member

Undergraduate Student Members are those with an interest in the astronomical sciences who are pursuing a degree in astronomy or a related science at the college level. High school students are also welcome to join this membership class.

Undergraduate Student Member Benefits
Undergraduate Student Member Application Form
2020 dues = $39

International Affiliate

International Affiliates are astronomers or scientists in closely related fields who do not reside in the United States. Applicants require either nomination by an active Full Member of the AAS or must be members of an affiliated society that requires nomination for membership.

International Affiliate Benefits
International Affiliate Application Form
2020 dues = $118

Educator Affiliate

Educator Affiliates are professionally engaged in astronomy-related education and public outreach and whose principal employment is at community colleges, elementary and secondary schools, science centers, museums, planetariums, or agencies (e.g. National Park Service, Girl Scouts of America).

Educator Affiliate Benefits
Educator Affiliate Application Form
2020 dues = $89

Alumni Affiliate

Alumni Affiliates are those who have left the astronomical sciences or related fields but would like to retain a connection to the AAS community. Prior membership at the Full, Associate, or Junior (dues-paying student) level is desired, but not required.

Alumni Affiliate Benefits
Alumni Affiliate Application Form
2020 dues = $105

Amateur Affiliate

Amateur Affiliates are those who advance the astronomical sciences through research but do not depend on the field of astronomy as a primary source of income or support. Applicants must be members of an affiliated amateur organization.

Amateur Affiliate Benefits
Amateur Affiliate Application Form
2020 dues = $52

Emeritus Member

Emeritus membership is unlike other classes; it is not open to new members. Instead, any member who has retired from gainful employment and whose contiguous years of membership in the Society total at least 10 years, is eligible to be transferred to Emeritus status in the class of membership held at the time of his or her request.

Emeritus Status Request Form
2020 dues = $99